Sipping Away The Warm Summer Days

Sometimes you have to appreciate the little things. Simple things like a perfect weather day, a clean patio and a medium roast drip coffee from one of your favourite cafes in Toronto. Soon we will be bundled up and using our coffee cups to warm our hands. Until then, soak it all in.

No More Drip

There’s always a better way to make your best brew. As we usher in the cooler fall days, watch this video to expand your coffee-making style beyond the basic drip or forbidden k-cup trap with some of these great alternatives guaranteed to give you much better coffee.

Sunday Morning Sips: Coffee Jargon

The next time you step inside your local cafe or roaster, look them straight in the eye and confidently place your order with a dash of knowledge and flair. Adding a few new words to your vocabulary could result in a whole new take on your favourite bean brew. Here’s what you need to know:…

Whole Bean Quick Tip

When making espresso coffee, good quality beans and the shortest time between grinding and brewing will help make it the most flavourful cup you’ll sip!

The Poppy Pour-Over Coffee Machine 

Artisanal coffee doesn’t have to be a lot of work. The Poppy Pour-Over Coffee Machine makes it as simple as a normal coffee maker. It features a built-in hopper that holds 1.25 pounds of beans, and a built-in burr grinder so you can wait to grind until you’re ready, ensuring maximum freshness. A 50 oz….

How Do You Brew?

Coffee is more than just a vessel for caffeine. A wide variety of beans, mix-ins and machines have recently turned coffee brewing into a delicate art. In fact, depending on how you make your morning cuppa, you’re toying with the flavor, nutrition and caffeine content. Here’s a look at seven common brewing methods—in order of…

Want To Know What A Coffee Cherry Tastes Like?

It’s easy to forget that coffee comes from a fruit, since hardly anybody outside of coffee-producing countries ever gets to see it in its  natural state. Coffee grows on spindly, bush-like plants, and its cherry-like fruit ripens over the course of several weeks approximately nine months after the shrubs’ jasminey blossoms bloom and fall. When…

Alessi Pulcina Espresso Maker

Pulcina, the brainchild of architect Michele De Lucchi combines technology developed by illycaffè with flawless design by Alessi. Pulcina was born out of intense research into the optimization of the shape of the Coffee pot in order to improve and enhance the properties of coffee. With the shape of its special heater, Pulcina automatically stops…

Jimmy’s Coffee

Jimmy’s Coffee City: Toronto Ontario Location:  Ossington Avenue & Queen St. West  (map it) Opened: 2015 Recommends:  Cappuccino and a butter tart 5 Cup Rating: 4 cups Did You Know:  The fourth destination of this Toronto staple borrows its layout from the Kensington location and is a welcome addition to the bustling Ossington strip.  From…