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Beans, Brew & Beyond

Appliance City brings us this great read which features a backwards guide to the bean, a brief history of coffee and a review of machines and methods.  To top it off, the age old rivalry of coffee vs tea is debated… be sure to check this one out!

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My Whole Bean

I’m not exactly sure when it started… when my love for coffee began. As far back as I can remember, it was an essential item in our household. Growing up, the little bean with the mighty aroma was mandatory before the start of every day and often times it capped off the evening.  Some of the best conversations with my Mom centered around a perfect cup.

photoLater I began to appreciate coffee on a deeper level. I started educating myself and understanding farming, plant varieties and bean classification. Then, I took it a step further with some hands-on instruction around roasting and brewing techniques as well as cupping and tasting methods. I still have a lot to learn but those who know me best appreciate my passion for the bean. Many of you have asked questions about my pursuit for the perfect cup which got me thinking: What better way to continue sharing all my great coffee finds then to capture it here. With a little push and plenty of encouragement from my ‘coach’ (and guiding light)… well, here we go!

Grab a cup, settle in and enjoy.