Packaging Influences The Brew You Choose

Next time you’re shopping for the perfect pick me up roast, stop for a second and think about what influences the beans you reach for.  It might just be the packaging you’re choosing vs the contents inside.  Design Instruct has captured 30 of the most beautiful coffee package designs in North America. What’s you’re favourite…

GE Cafe Refrigerator Meet The Keurig

GE has found a way to integrate every coffee lovers morning routine right into their home appliance.   The GE Cafe Refrigerator with Keurig K-Cup Brewing System married the fridge’s ability to dispense hot water with the Keurig K-Cup System making it the first fridge to deliver a perfect cup of coffee right from the door….

The Creative Benefits Of An Intense Morning Coffee Routine

Many people will start this morning either lining up at a local coffeeshop, hitting a drive thru or making a pot of drip coffee at home.  You may want to change it up a little.  According to this recent article in Fast Company, there are rich benefits to having a thoughtful, focused morning routine.  Whether…

5 Easy Tips For Better Coffee

Kalle Freese, the 2013 Finnish Barista Champion and founder of Freese Coffee Co. presents us with this quick little video offering up 5 easy tips for better coffee.

Coffee Was King Of Commodities In 2014

Is your investment portfolio diversified enough?  You might want start the year off right with a visit to see your financial planner and while you’re at it, bring them a coffee.  According to a recent article in The Washington Post, the mighty bean made great leaps making it the best-performing commodity in 2014.

Red Rocket Coffee

Red Rocket Coffee City: Toronto Ontario Location:  Danforth Avenue & Greenwood (map it) Opened: 2012 Recommends:  Americano and a lemon cranberry scone 5 Cup Rating: 5 cups Did You Know:  Red Rocket Danforth is actually the franchises original Leslieville location transposed.  After 5 successful years on Queen Street East, opposite the TTC’s Russell Carhouse, the…

Top Coffee Drinkers… By Profession?

A recent survey on U.S. coffee consumption trends in the workplace by Dunkin Donut and CareerBuilder delivers to us the Top 15 Coffee Drinkers By Profession.  Take a peek at this handy graphic Seattle-based illustrator I Love Coffee created to showcase the results.

Canada’s Best Coffee Club

The only subscription you’ll need for 2015 is with The Roasters Pack.  Canada’s most reliable & best coffee club ships to out 3 x 4 oz bags of fresh coffee beans, roasted by independent Canadian Roasteries, direct to your doorstep. The first week of every month, you’ll receive your 3 delicious coffees from different roasters…

The Red Bench

The Red Bench City: Toronto, Ontario Location:  Yonge Street and Gloucester Street (map it) Opened: 2012 Recommends:  Americano and some made-to-order organic cookies 5 Cup Rating: 4 cups Did You Know: Their espresso is a unique blend featuring beans from Sumatra, Ethiopia, Guatemala and Nicaragua.  Beans are individually roasted and then hand-blended making each cup…