GE Cafe Refrigerator Meet The Keurig

k_cup_refrigerator GE has found a way to integrate every coffee lovers morning routine right into their home appliance.   The GE Cafe Refrigerator with Keurig K-Cup Brewing System married the fridge’s ability to dispense hot water with the Keurig K-Cup System making it the first fridge to deliver a perfect cup of coffee right from the door.

GE didScreen Shot 2015-02-22 at 1.36.44 PMn’t stop there – they even built in the functionality to allow coffee lovers to set a brew time on your phone, so the water in the reservoir is ready when you are.



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  1. I didn’t realize that plastic containers housing freeze dried chemicals actually counts as coffee?


    1. mywholebean says:

      Hey @roezone, while it is not my preferred way to brew, there is a consumer who embraces it…


      1. Sure their coffee isn’t the best, but to each their own. What I’m worried about is the Keurig’s issues with mold in the lines and breaking parts, is it really something that you want in an appliance that lasts 10+ years? I’ve never seen a Keurig last much past 2 years without issues.


      2. mywholebean says:

        I hear you Coffee Kitty… mold is a big concern! I can’t imagine what you’d find even past a year. I too know a few Keurig owners who have all retired their machines right around a 2-3 year mark. I guess sometimes that is the sacrifice we make for convenience.


      3. Sadly yes, I miss mine for those winter days I’m just dying to have someone else make me coffee.


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