Top 30 Coffees Of 2014

Coffee Review brings us the Top 30 Coffees of 2014 … now let’s get to cupping!  

The Red Bench

The Red Bench City: Toronto, Ontario Location:  Yonge Street and Gloucester Street (map it) Opened: 2012 Recommends:  Americano and some made-to-order organic cookies 5 Cup Rating: 4 cups Did You Know: Their espresso is a unique blend featuring beans from Sumatra, Ethiopia, Guatemala and Nicaragua.  Beans are individually roasted and then hand-blended making each cup…

Rethink The Electric Kettle With Miito

If you’re looking for efficiency, no limestone and flexibility to heat anything – any time then look no further.  Unlike traditional tea kettles and water boilers, Miito only heats the amount of liquid you need. Consisting of a rod and a base, to heat any liquid, all you do is fill your vessel with however much…

Around The World In A Single Cup

What better way to experience a destination than to try their local coffee creation.  FastCo.Create takes us behind 31 specialty drinks from around the world.  Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, enjoy the local culture and brew up something new.  

The Real Coffee Language

Forget the grande, half sweet, extra hot, no whip vocabulary and start speaking the real coffee language.  The next time you wander into that new, independent coffee shop in your neighbourhood, it’s time to try something new.  The New York Times gives us a handy little glossary of coffee terms to make ordering the perfect…